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Valentine's Day

Crafty Treats, Party Ideas, PDF and SVG Files, Gnomes, Conversation Hearts, Games and Treats, Love Bugs, Games, Printables and More, You'll LOVE it !


Plastic Eyes, Pom Poms, Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners) and other crafty items can be found at the dollar store and can be added to almost any treat. One of my favorites are these Glittered Hearts. More then just table confetti, with a little imagination these have unlimited uses.

Tootsie Roll Monster

Add some Curling Ribbon for hair, Eyes, Pompom nose and some pipe cleaners with glittered hearts to a Tootsie Roll Bank for a Fun Unique Valentine.

Jello Valentines Creature
Jello Valentines Creature 2

Add Faces to Jello cups turned upside down to make these fun Valentine Creatures

Robot Valentine

Robot Valentine
Cover a juice box with aluminum foil and glue a Jello cup to the top, decorate with pipe cleaners, eyes, glitter hearts and candies.

Valentines Candy Butterfly

I tied criss-crossed suckers together with a pipe cleaner and tied both them and a pipe cleaner antennae to the center of a bag of candy, then added the eyes for this butterfly

Pink Pom Pom Guy

This little guy is easy to make. Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaner, Eyes and Glitter Hearts. Whether you glue him to a piece of candy or set several around to accent your serving dishes, he'll bring the FUN.

Pink Pom Pom Creature Candydish
Tootsie Pop Bouquet
Tootsie Pop Flower

Glue Glitter Hearts around a Tootsie Pop and tie with curling ribbon for a cute flower that could be a treat by itself. Or place several in a small vase for a centerpiece that "Pops".

Crafty Treats

Fun SVG and PDF File Treats


Conversation Hearts Treat Box

These cute little treat boxes are fun and easy. Perfect for party favors, school treats or just that one special Valentine

Download Includes

SVG File and
PDF File Pattern and Directions

Conversation Heart Treat Boxes PDF File
Bunny Heart Candy Holders
Bunny Heart Candy Holder PDF File

Download includes:

the Bunny SVG File

 the Bunny PDF File

and the Instructions File

Gnome Heart Candy Holder PDF

PDF File No Color

Gnome Candy Holder Pink PDF
Gnome Candy Holder Red PDF

PDF File Pink

PDF File Red

Chocolate Heart Candy Holders

Some BUNNY Loves You

There's GNOME One Like You

Bear Chocolate Candy Holder PDF

All Downloads include
Chocolate Heart Candy Holders Instructions PDF File

Download includes:

the Gnome SVG File

 3 Gnome PDF Files (Pink, Red, No Color)

and the Instructions File

Download includes:

the Teddy Bear SVG File

the Teddy Bear PDF File

and the Instructions File

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Valentine Card Holders

Decorate your "Trash" to hold all the Valentines the kids will receive 

Puppy Dog Valentine Holder
Lady Bug Valentines Holder
Lady Bug Valentine Holder 2
Love Bug Valentines Holder

Milk Jugs

Lady Bug

Add Felt, Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Construction Paper or Foam Board to a painted Milk Jug

*After painting your milk jug, seal it with Mod Podge or spray sealant to help prevent it from peeling

Puppy Dog

Love Bug

T Rex Valentine Holder


Shark Valentine Holder


Penguin Valentine Holder


Batman Valentine Holder
Batman Logo Printable PDF File


Spiderman Valentines Box PDF Clipart
Printable Spiderman Valentines
Spiderman Valentines Box

Cereal Boxes

I covered a cereal box with red paper and added some black squares to make the building. Printed and Cut Out the Spiderman Clipart and glued it on. I used white yarn for the webbing but it probably would look better with the fake webbing you can get at Halloween


RoBlox Valentine Card Holder PDF

It doesn't get easier then this. Simply wrap/cover a cereal box with paper (ie Wrapping Paper, Construction Paper, whatever you have on hand) Cut a slot in the box for a place to drop the cards. Print off one of the PDF Files and glue it on.

Paw Patrol Card Box PDF

Pop Bottles


I cut the spout off a 2 liter pop bottle and painted it white, then added some felt to make this BEARY cute Valentine Holder. I did use popsicle sticks in the back to help support the bear. These can be painted brown to conceal them.

Trolls Poppie Valentines Holder
Black Beard Pirate Valentines Holder
Darth Vader Valentines Holder

Cut a hole in the back of any decorated pop bottle to hold your Valentines. More Ideas on the Pop Bottle Fun Page

Conversation Hearts Games and Ideas


Brach's Tiny Conversation Heart Bingo
I've noticed there are a lot of Printable Bingo Games available but most are old and need the old Sweethearts to play. I've made up this new one (2020) that uses the Brach's Candies. You will Need the Tiny Conversation Hearts as both Bingo Markers and for the Caller to use. Determine before play whether the caller will call both sides or just the first side he sees, Brach's Candies are printed on both sides.
My FREE PDF File includes 8 Cards and a page of Blank cards you can fill in what you want.

Brachs Conversation Hearts

The Necco Company, had been producing the "Sweethearts", we all grew up with, since 1901. In 2018 the Necco company declared bankruptcy and sold off their candy brands. The rights to "Sweethearts" was purchased by the Spangler Company that same year. Spangler could not get production set up before Valentine's Day of 2019 but promised these childhood treats would return in 2020 supposedly with new sayings. 2020 I have not found any of these available whether in stores or online.
Brach's has been making a similar product for years. The hearts are embossed with the sayings on both sides rather then printed like our old favorites. Although I find the Brach's flavors a little stronger and not as chalky as the original "Sweethearts",

It's just not the same.Apparently for me Nostalgic Chalky beats Edible.

Heart and Spoon Relay Race
Place two bowls of Conversation Hearts on one side of the room and two empty bowls at the other.
Divide your players into teams. 
Each player picks up as many hearts as they can with a spoon and rushes to put them in their teams empty bowl. If they drop any, they can continue to drop off what remains on the spoon BUT they have to go back and pick up whatever they dropped with the spoon and add those to the bowl. Team who empties one bowl into the other first wins. 

Fill a Vase with Hearts and add some silk flowers for an easy centerpiece.

Conversation Hearts Table Decor
Stacking Conversation Hearts Game

Stacking Hearts
Each player tries to stack as many Conversation Hearts as they can within a given time period.

To add more of a challenge have them use chopsticks

Brachs Conversation Heart Bingo
Conversation Heart Flower Cupcakes

Glue Glitter Hearts and Pipe Cleaners to a Conversation Heart. Wrap the bottom of the stem in aluminum foil to insert it into a cupcake. Make sure to actually glue the foil to the stem so when you pull the flower out the foil doesn't stay in the cupcake.

Foil Flower To Insert
Conversation Flower Cupcake

Conversation Hearts Garden


Love Bugs

Conversation Hearts Treat Boxes

Print the PDF File in the Treats section on colored paper

Love Bug Kisses
Lady Bug Cupcakes

Lady Bug Cupcakes


Love Bug Kisses

Glue a Glitter Heart for wings and a pipe cleaner for antennae between 2 Hershey's Kisses 

Hershey Kiss Love Bug
Roll and Draw The Love Bug Printable

Roll and Draw The Love Bug Printable
2 Games on 1 Page
* Print this with your printer set to LANDSCAPE

 Love Bug Cake and Cupcakes
Love Bug Cupcakes
Love Bug Antenae

Pipe Cleaners can be inserted into cupcakes if you wrap the bottom with foil making sure to glue foil to pipe cleaner so they don't separate when removing.

Love Bug Cake and Cupcakes

No Sew Gnomes

Valentines Gnome Girl Pink and Green
Valentines Gnome Girl Pink

See my Gnomes Page

for Instructions on the

No Sew Gnomes

Mickey Mouse Gnome Formal
Pink Valentine Gnome Strung Hearts

Party Ideas

Lace Heart Cake Royal Icing
Lace Heart Cake Royal Icing 2

Royal Icing Lace

Royal Icing is the icing that gets hard once it sits. The Happy Birthday Candies you buy at the store to decorate cakes are made from a type of royal icing.

It's used a lot for decorating cookies. that way they are stackable. 
It's basically icing with meringue powder added to make it set. I haven't found a favorite recipe for it but I will post as soon as I do.  It's fun to play with.



Rolled Napkin

A rolled paper napkin by itself is kind of boring, but place several in a cup and you have a paper rose arrangement that is both decorative and useful.

Rose Napkins
Roses and Kisses Arrangement

Roses and Kisses
A Silk Rose Bush, A Glass Vase and some Hershey's Kisses make a great centerpiece. I added Aluminum Foil Tuffs and some silver Ting Ting (Sticks) to bring the silver through the whole arrangement

Love Songs Synonymous Titles

Love Songs Synonymous Titles
Valentine's Day I find that ...
I Involuntarily Lack Amour Resistance.
If you understood this I have the game for you. If you didn't catch that I Can't Help Falling In Love ... here are some others synonyms for other song titles're bound to get some of them


Valentine Relax a Bear diamond painting

Valentine Relax-A-Bear
Diamond Dotz Painting

3D Heart Picture Red Roses

3D Heart Picture Red Roses

Frame, Cork Board Sticky Paper and Wooden Heart all for Dollar Tree, Instructions for foam roses can be found at Crafty Fun Cuts Page 

Cheaper to make than a card !!

Valentine's Day SVG and PNG Files


Click on Image or Link to Download your File. Files contain both the SVG and the PNG images