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Unicorn and Rainbow Crafts, Treats, Free SVGs and Clipart


Unicorn Ornament Cake Topper

Unicorn Ornament Cake Topper

The cake topper was made from a large clear plastic ornament, added glitter paint to the inside and a horn and ribbon to the top. Not only does it make a cute cake but ornament can be used after the party.

Unicorn Cake with Rainbows

Unicorn Cupcakes 

Download Includes:

  • Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper SVG

  • Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper PDF

Rainbow Treats

Rice Krispie Treats using Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Krispies. Serve them plain or cover them with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles

Unicorn Poop

This Clipart has a white background

Unicorn Poop Label

Guess How Many Marshmallows ? 

Click on pic for Unicorn Label PDF File

Fake Bake Unicorn Cake
Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper

Fake Bake Unicorn Cake

See our Fake Bake Page for Instructions


Unicorn Jar White
Unicorn Jars Pink Purple

Unicorn Glass Jars

Princess Magic Diamond Dots

This was my 1st project and if you too are new at this I highly recommend it for an easy start. It is made by the Diamond Dotz Company. They are one of the best selling companies of the diamond paintings for good reasons. 

This particular project is Not solid diamonds. The background, the castle, the fairies faces are actually printed on the canvas. You only place the diamonds in the "Diamond Area". Not only does this enable you to finish the project faster but because the diamond pattern is not solid it is more forgiving if they are not perfectly aligned.


Princess Magic Diamond Painting

Rainbow Frame
Painted Rainbow Clipart

Paint and glue crafts sticks together. Add some painted clothes pins for a fun message board.

Rainbow Frame or Message Board

Rainbow Message Holder
Pink Unicorn Plaque

Unicorn Silhouette Plaque

I found the unpainted silhouette at Dollar Tree, I painted it pink and Mod Podged some clear glitter sprinkles to it. I liked this look especially if it's going into a spot that has a lot of other detailed art in it.

OR ... You can add eyelashes, netting and roses. Pattern for roses can be found on the Crafty Fun Cuts Page

Pink and White Unicorn Plaque with Glitter
Pink Unicorn Plaque With Roses

For this one I painted it white and dry brushed the edges with pink and then added Glitter

Unicorn Lighted Shadow Box

Unicorn Shadow Box Free SVG File
Unicorn 3D background.png

Download Includes:

  • Unicorn 3D Shadow Box SVG File

  • Unicorn 3D Shadow Box Background File

  • Unicorn 3D Shadow Box Printable Instructions

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Gnome Rainbow PJs Pillow
Gnome Rainbow PJs Blanket
Rainbow Colors Gnomes


Unicorn Gnome Rainbow PJs


Rainbow Clipart Pastels
unicorn clipart

See our Gnome Page for Step by Step Instructions on the No Sew Gnomes

Rainbow Clipart Pastels



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