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Under the Sea



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Milk Bottle Shark
Little Mermaid Ariel Porthole Clipart
Lighted Seahorse Glass Jar

You will need:

  • 1 Jar (I used an empty spaghetti sauce jar)

  • A Cut Out Silhouette that will fit on the jar

  • Mod Podge

  • 1 sheet of tissue paper (A lighter color works better)

  • Glitter Crystals (These can be found at any Craft Store)

  • 1 Battery operated Tea Candle


 Mod Podge your silhouette to the inside of the jar. Mod Podge drys clear and not instantly, so you can take a little time to position the images the way you want them. 
Paint the exterior with Mod Podge and cover it with tissue paper. You want it as flat as possible on the glass and not overlapping where your image is, but wrinkles are more then ok. I think it looks better with wrinkles and creases. Do not put tissue in the upper part of the jar where the lid screws on if you want to use the lid.

Let it dry pushing down any bubbles that may appear. Be Careful when touching it however wet tissue paper tears easily. Creases look better then tears.

When it is dry enough you can handle it without tearing the tissue, paint another coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle it with the Crystal Glitter. When it's dry add some decorations to the outside of the jar so it looks good when it's not lit. Use one of the little battery operated tea candles to lite it up. I would not recommend using a real candle, there's paper inside the jar.

Lighted Mermaid Glass Jar

Lighted Mermaid


Seahorse Jars

Mermaid and Seahorse Silhouettes Printable
Milk Jug Shark

Paint a milk jug grey. Cut out the mouth. (It's basically a Diamond shape)  I glued white felt rectangles into the mouth and cut out the teeth afterwards.  It's easier then struggling to get them positioned where you want with glue on them. Eyes are Felt circles and Fins are Foam Board


Milk Jug Shark

Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Holder

Snorkeler Cake
This one was made for a graduation, but could easily go for any occasion by leaving off the cap. Mask, Snorkel, Eyes, Ears and Fish are Marshmallow Fondant.
This is one of my Favorites.

Sometimes several smaller cakes work better then 1 large one. It makes a bigger "Splash" for your party decor


Dinglehopper Holder
I simply Mod Podged Ariel, Burlap and Jute to a glass jar and added a big Tulle Bow.

Little Mermaid Scuttle Clipart
Pool Noodle Fish

Pipe cleaners and eyes added to slices of pool noodles can be easy fun fish


Toilet Paper Roll Snorkeler

Glue a Bottle Cap to a Toilet Paper Roll and paint it all black. Add a white felt circle with some googly eyes to the center of the bottle cap. Foam board feet and a pipe cleaner for a snorkel

Plastic Egg Snorkeler

Repurpose Plastic Easter Eggs instead of the Toilet Paper Roll

Snorkeler Scuba Diver Cake

Party Ideas and Crafts sure to make a "Splash" 


Download Includes:

  • Mermaid SVG File

  • Seahorse SVG File

  • Mermaid and Seahorse PDF File

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Party Decor

Octopus Party Decoration

Octopus' Garden

These were made for a Beatles Party but could easily be used for a mermaid or under water themed party by just eliminate the Beatles references and adding Fish etc.

Coral Reef Party Decoration
Coral Reef Pool Noodles
The Octopus I glued two Dollar Store Scalloped Bowls together and added felt eyes. The legs are pool noodles. I poked holes in the bowls and added a rope where I wanted each leg, then glued the leg to both the rope and the bowl so they were more secure
Pool noodles in assorted colors and cut into various shapes makes great coral
Mermaid Clipart png
Water Bubbles Clipart