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How to "Steal" a Game
Click on the link of the game you want. These are all PDF Files. A separate window will open. Print it out or Download it to print later.

Word Games

Scattergories Printable
Disney Scattergories Printable

Pick a letter and write a word for each category.

Words With Double Letters

Words With Double Letters
All of the answers have double letters

In Other Words Picture Word Puzzles

In Other Words

Sayings and Phrases depicted in unique "puzzling" ways

Whats In Common with these word groups

What's In Common

Groups of 3 words with something in common


Say The Color Of The Word

Say the Color

Say the Color of the word. Don't read the word


Trivia - Quizzes 

Battle of the Sexes Printable

Battle of the Sexes

Guys vs Girls, whichever team answers the most questions correctly wins. 25 Questions for each Team.

Playing Cards Trivia

Playing Card Trivia
How much do you know about a standard deck of cards ?

St Patricks Trivia Printable
Green Trivia Printable

Green Trivia
How much do you know about the color Green ?

Animal Pregnancy Printable Game
Pokemon Trivia
Name That Cake Printable Game

Find the ... Picture Games

Find The Movies Printable
Find The Movies Printable 2
50 Hidden Movies with Answers

With Answers

Find The 80s Movies
Songs of the 80s Printable Game
Find The Horror Movies
25 Christmas Movies with Answers

With Answers

Beatles How Many Songs Find Printable
70 Hidden Beatles Songs Printable
Guess The Cartoon Silhouettes
 Name The Pokeman Printable Game
Name the Pokemon by the Picture
I Spy 2021 Olympics

Find Just One Thing

Find The Car Printable Game
Find the Truck Tire


Easter Mazes Printable
Help The Dinosaurs Maze


Baby Songs Printable Game
Love Songs Synonymous Titles
Name the Queen Song Printable
Name The Beatles Song Titles Printable Game

Color and Draw

Color Pikachu Printable
Roll and Draw The Love Bug Printable
Roll and Color Dinosaurs
Shapes of the Rainbow Coloring Printable
Draw Half of Darth Vaders Helmet

Match Ups

Candy Match Up Printable Game
Famous Fathers and Sons Printable
Superbowl Mascot Match Printable Game
Star Wars Stars Match the Actor to the Character Printable Game

Gift Exchanges


Jokes and Riddles

Easter Jokes Printable
Riddle Me This
Riddler Clipart png


All about My Dad Printable
Mom's Super Powers Printable
Super Bowl Commercials Printable Game
Circular Gallifreyan Alphabet Printable