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Why is this site called CraftyFunPARTIES.com ?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Hi I'm Toni and you are probably wondering why what is labeled in the name as a "Party" site, mostly covers crafts.

Phase 1

I like to make Crafty Party Decorations that are not the "normal" balloons and streamers. Fun, sometimes quirky items made to make someone smile. Most of the time they were constructed from trash (pop bottles, milk jugs, pool noodles etc) or Dollar Store items. Things that were inexpensive and easy enough that anyone could do them. I wanted a site to show others how to make affordable unique party decorations.

I wanted to give people ideas and tips for cakes for their parties

I wanted to tell people about FUN games and Crafty Party Favors

Party City and other Party supply places are great, but you spend all that money and after a couple of hours most of it ends up in the trash. Yes my party decorations would eventually end up in the trash too, BUT you'd basically be throwing away what was trash to start with. My husband is constantly standing at the trash can holding up a cereal box or something asking, "Is this trash or does it need eyes and felt first ?" I can't imagine what my trash collectors think. I also use garbage bags as drop cloths, they can still be used as trash bags when I'm done, they just have what appears to be some kind of abstract art on them. Yep I get the best dressed trash award !!!

Phase 2 After only being up and running for a month COVID hit. No one was having parties so I needed to switch directions. I started to concentrate on the CRAFTY part of the site. I wanted to show people fun things they could make inexpensively with the things they already had around the house to keep themselves and the kids busy.

I added a lot of the Printable Games and Puzzles

Up until this point most of the site was pictures with descriptions as to how I made a certain item. When I started making the Pipe Cleaner Flowers I realized that simply just describing what I was doing was not going to work so I came up with the Galleries. Step by Step Instructions WITH PICTURES. I realize everyone is doing vids and vids are cool but 1.) I am realistic enough to know that while I am good with crafts, my on screen appearance and voice are not going to be assets. 2.) When I watch the vids I keep having to stop, back up and replay things several times, struggling to find the right spot. With these you click on the pic and the directions are there.

Phase 3

In November of last year I found the No Sew Gnomes. These were crafts that I could still use my quirky style but people could actually keep. Keeping with what this site has always been about, I wanted to show people how to make them, not necessarily sell them. I became obsessed, they were EVERYWHERE. And it was fur, my craft's were shedding worse then the cat. My husband was/is such a trooper, as long as he could still see the TV he was good. Well until that day I just wanted to make one quick cut of the fur and grab the kitchen cutting board. Apparently fur is not a item that should be put in salads. Who knew? Yea I found the line :D

Phase 3.5

About the time I had gone gnome crazy, my sister had rediscovered Cricut. I bought a Cricut Cake SEVERAL years ago and I know where the power button is !!!! Traci had been using it a lot over the years but she had recently purchased the Cricket Maker. The things she was making on it were amazing.

GNOMES !!! She was making Gnomes !!! And things to add to my Gnomes !!! This HAD to be a part of this site. Yea the other things were very cool too and a perfect fit to this website. BUT she was making Gnomes !!!!! So Crafty Fun Cuts was added. AND is still growing to the point that SVG files are now available on most of the pages.

Phase 4

Fake Bakes

Three weeks ago I discovered Fake Bakes. Yep I spent 20 yrs trying to get cakes to look like real things, now I want real things to look like cake (and other treats) ??? These are great for party decorations, home decorations, holiday decorations, a perfect add to our website.

AND .... Wait for it ......

They can be added to GNOMES !!!!!!

Phase ???? Where we are now.

I've lost track of all the reworks of this site. I have learned that is ok, it's growing. I always thought that a site needed to focus on 1 thing to be successful. Whether it be Gnomes, or Cricut Files, or Fake Bakes or Parties etc. BUT what I've come to realize that this site actually has 1 focus. It's all about IDEAS and FUN. It's about showing people ways to do a variety of things. It's about encouraging people to expand on their ideas or "Steal" ours.

Where we are going ?

We are going to expand our Social Media presence, we want to be more interactive. (Hence this Blog . ) We want to see your creations, hear your ideas, know what you'd like to see more of, know what worked and yes what didn't. I would imagine there will eventually be an Etsy Site if nothing else to find homes for LOTS of Gnomes. (Either that or I may need to sell the husband, I'm running out of room !!! Hmmm .... No wait probably need to keep him :D )

AND we're going to keep adding to what we've been building on. Fake Bakes are the current focus. This is my kitchen table right now

Not liking salad I've learned that fur should not be added, how about spray foam insulation ? Maybe cut apart and made into croutons ??? Maybe I can persuade him into Pizza or a Big Mac for dinner :D


BECAUSE Crafting should be FUN and IS a party ( Even if your by yourself )

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