• Toni Wulfekuhl

"Step" Up Your Gnomes with Feet

Add Feet To Your Gnomes. I absolutely love these !!! AND it doesn't get any easier. This mold is available through Amazon

The large feet are 2" perfect for your No Sew Gnomes and the small ones are 1 1/2" The best part of these are they are Silicone. So while you can fill them with clay and wait for them to dry, the fastest and easiest way is to fill them with hot glue. Feet in minutes !!!

Simply paint them with acrylic paint when they harden and seal them with some Mod Podge.

I like to sprinkle some dirt on the Mod Podge. Yea My Gnomes have dirty feet.

Side Hint: If your using these mini hay bales for any of your crafts, paint them with a coat of Mod Podge to prevent them from shredding EVERYWHERE.

Whereas I like my gnomes to be dirty, I have different standards for my house :D

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