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Spotlight - Pumpkin Boxes

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Love, Love, Love These. Traci made these on the Cricut. They'd be great for your little "Tricksters", Party Favors or Home Decor. FREE Download is available on both the Crafty Fun Cuts Page and the Halloween Page. It includes both the SVG and PDF Instruction Pages.

She's even included pics on the Instruction Pages so they are easy to follow. Hmmm she's coming over this weekend to teach me Cricut 101. I've already mastered the prerequisite Power Button 101. Do you think the fact she started making her instructions easier to follow WITH PICTURES coincides with the fact she's starting to teach ME ????

Anyone with any courses above Power Button 201 shouldn't have any problem with it !!!!

She has even included instructions as to how to import the file into Design Space, I am guessing anyone with a Cricut already knows this (Except me :D ) but, they are there if you need them. ( Again Coincidence Hmm? )


- If you only put the face on one side of the solid orange one, you could turn it around and use it through Thanksgiving for Decorations.

- Roll up a napkin and put it inside with the lid tilted and they'd be cute table decorations.

I'm really looking forward to this weekends lesson. Even the cat is looking forward to it, finally a craft project that afterwards she won't need a bath :D

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