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Sometimes When Things Don't Work Out, You Just Go With It

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

One of the main components of Fake Bakes is Spray Foam Insulation. It's used to make cupcakes and such that you can then cover with your Fake Frosting. This will be a part of the Fake Bake page, but let's just say NOT Round 1.

From the Vids I've watched and all that I had read, it didn't matter what Brand, so me being me, I hit Menards and bought the cheapest they had.

Now EVERY vid and page I read warned you how much this stuff expands. Add that to the fact that the can actually stated "May cause Injury or Death" and I felt like I was dealing with the old 50's movie "The Blob". I was Brave But Prepared.

I actually put plastic wrap over my Fake Bake Muffin pan and totally covered my table with plastic. Bring on the Blob !!!!

I filled all the containers I intended on using and still had some left. I was told by several sites that once you started using it, you had to use it all cause it couldn't be stored, it would clog up. So I sprayed what was left into a pie pan, wasn't sure what I'd do with it but I could figure out something.

The Beast was No Big Deal, yes it expanded but not much more then cupcake batter would when you baked it. The room was well ventilated but it didn't seem to put off any major fumes so I wasn't real sure what the Injury/Death thing was ??? Maybe it was just sounded better then "Hey Dummy, Don't Shoot This Stuff Down Your Throat" ???

The stuff does rise pretty quickly and after a few hours I had what appeared to be pretty cool cupcakes and muffins. The pie wasn't smooth but I was using up what was left so I didn't smooth it, but it rose ok.

I was working on other things so I didn't get back to it for a few days. No one told me that like real cakes and cupcakes the Fake ones could FALL. Not sure if I did something wrong or bought the wrong product. (I will figure it out before I post a How To on it.) But this is what I ended up with.

The majority of them ended up looking like Brains. Now maybe I seen it that way cause I was in the whole Sci-Fi Blob mode.

The cupcakes were bad but the pie was REALLY bad.

I was ready to throw it out, when I decided to go with it.

Side Note: Note the way the pie has not only fell into a brain like substance BUT it SHRUNK !!!! If I had bought this for it's intended use, I'd be mad. It worked for the first few hours then shrunk, the gaps you were filling would still be there, not to mention if it was inside a wall you'd never even know it. For crafts when things don't work out I can live with it, some of our best times were crafts that flopped. I hold my HOUSE to a different standard.

Anyway, so now I have a plate full of brains, I painted them pink and added some glitter glue.

Now What ??

Enter the Mad Scientist.

AND Every Mad Scientist needs Minions right ?

Do you ever just get lost in a project that you just can't stop adding to it ?? This was one of those. It's something that there probably isn't a real demand for and I spent more time then I should have on it. It's weird, it's quirky and yea it's Me .... AND ... IT WAS FUN !!!!

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