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Jute Pumpkins

If you read yesterday's blog I covered Fake Bakes 101 with a promise to continue today with Fake Bakes 102. However, after I got it 3/4 the way finished I had a Deja Vu moment and realized I had already covered that in the Ice Cream Blog. So if you're looking for the 2nd semester, check it out there.

One of the main reasons I started this blog is to show you, that crafting is fun and messing up is ok, even if that means exposing MY mistakes. You're going to find I make a lot of them, but almost everything can be fix. Don't be afraid to try.

Soooo, instead of Fake Bakes 102, I give you ... Jute Pumpkins. That's close right ??? (There's a reason teachers use a Lesson Planner !!) btw I can mess up these too and yea I'll show you what I did wrong, so you don't repeat it.

These cute pumpkins are cute by themselves, yet plain enough to add to any display you already have AND they are easy to make.

You will need :

  • A 4"-5" piece of pool noodle

  • Some STURDY jute, twine, rope etc

  • Wire

  • A glue gun

  • Something for a stem and leaves. Stick, felt, burlap, silk floral leaves

  • Slice a small wedge from a 4"-5" slice of a pool noodle

  • Wrap with Jute, Twine, Rope. Keep in mind the sturdier your twine the better it will hold up

  • This twine was pretty thick so I wrap it around 25 times. Place a wire through the center of the pool noodle

  • Bring the wire up through the slice you cut and tie off the twine as tight as you can

  • Slide the twine off the pool noodle

  • Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5

  • Use a glue gun to glue the 5 pieces together to form a circle.

  • Glue the circle closed

  • Add a stick/cork something for a stem. I used burlap for leaves but silk flower leaves would work also

Once again not all my projects turn out the way I plan them. I made my first Jute Pumpkin and love it so much I thought, these would really be cute out of some pumpkin colored yarn.

Yea, it was a "FLOP". Your String needs to be sturdy enough to support it's own weight !!

I did fix this one by adding a 1/2 styrofoam ball to help support it.

So I ended up with a cute pumpkin after all. But "Droopy" was a sad little pumpkin for a while.

I see a lot of people comment on the feeds of various craft groups about how they are scared to try a new project. Halloween Season is not the time to be scared !!!!!!! :D

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