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I Scream, You Scream ... Hey, I'm Not Screaming !!!

AND I'm not spackling the cat !!!!

Yep I'm figuring out the spackling for the Fake Bakes. My problem was the Spackling I got from Dollar Tree. ( I think it was old ) I picked up a different kind from Meijers. This one is called Fast'N Final Lightweight Spackling. Meijers is a mid-west version of Walmart. Best thing since sliced bread in Michigan, they had one stop shopping ( groceries, clothes, hardware, housewares all in one store ) LONG before Walmart ever thought of it. AND Pepsi is on sale 10 for $10 with an 11th one Free this week. I'm sure you can find the spackling in other stores too. Yep Caffeine and Spackling That Works, this is one happy girl :D

I'm Not Screaming, I'm Making Ice Cream Treats.

This is probably the easiest Fake Bake to make.

Simply scoop out the spackling with an ice cream scoop

Add some fudge (Caulking Mixture)

Add whipped cream (More Spackling)

Sprinkles, a couple of spoons and of course a cherry on top.

(How to make the spackling mixture and the caulking mixture (Fudge) is on our Fake Bake Page

Ok that was easy, let's "Shake" Things Up a Little

  • Cut out a circle of cardboard the size of the mouth of the glass. Then cut it down more so it fits inside the glass about a 1/2"

  • Cut a cardboard toilet paper roll to the size to where it fits a little more than a 1/2" from the top of the glass. This is going to support the cardboard and save you from filling the whole glass with spackling

  • Mix up your spackling any color you'd like. (See the Fake Bake Page)

  • Remove the cardboard and with a craft stick, smear the spackling over the inside of the glass . Try to get it to cover evenly. Hint if you start at the bottom and pull the craft stick upwards it works better. Spackling has a tendency to pull away where ever you lift the stick.

  • Messy is ok, you can clean up the top, just make sure the bottom part is covered as evenly as possible.

  • Use a baby wipe, hand cleaner, damp paper towel and clean up the top as far down as you want your topping (fudge) to start.

  • Insert the cardboard toilet paper tube inside the glass making sure you don't scrape the sides as you do. Place the cardboard circle on top. You may need to cut it down a little more to allow for the width of the spackling. You don't want it to show. Drizzle your Caulking Mixture Fudge around the rim of the glass where you cleaned

I let the project dry a little before I add the Spackling Whipped Cream. Not totally just enough so I am not smearing the fudge and whipped cream together. Add your whipped cream, a little more drizzle, sprinkles, a straw (Cut it down) and a Cherry.

WOO HOO For Ice Cream !!! Love the way they turned out. And the cat is still in the same condition as when I started, I might just have to celebrate with a .... Yep a bowl of Real Ice Cream :D

Side Note: I also finished my Cricket Cappuccino Project with the same technique. Turned out kind of cool.

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