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Happy National Scarf Day

Yea, if it's National Scarf Day it must be winter's just around the corner. Even the Holiday Maker Uppers push winter. Didn't Fall JUST start ??? The Season Maker Uppers must be related. I live in Michigan and it seems like Winter is 6 months long. There are 4 Seasons !!! Apparently they flunked math.

But if we have to deal with the approaching cold, let's make something fun.

Frosty is made from a Dollar Tree Pizza Pan. I painted it with White Chalk Paint. That will help the paint adhere to the pan. I then painted on the face. I just google Frosty the Snowman and painted a reasonable facsimile. I then used the spackle mixture from the Fake Bakes Page . You could leave it plain or use any kind of fake snow, just something to give it texture. I painted the whole thing with Flat Mod Podge and sprinkled it with crystal glitter/diamond dust (whatever you have that is sparkly)

For his hat it needed to be flat on one side to hang on the wall. So I went with my go to .. Pop Bottles. You're going to find that I used 2 liter pop bottles a lot for my crafts. Yea Michigan has a bottle deposit and I lose out on a lot of dimes for my crafts :D

How To Make a 1/2 Top Hat Wall Hanging

You Will Need

  • 1 Empty 2 liter pop bottle

  • Cardboard

  • Felt

  • Cut the top and bottom off a 2 liter pop bottle. Then cut it vertically so you can open it up wider. Glue a semi circle of cardboard to the top and one to the bottom. I used a 5" and 7" circle I cut in half Mark front centers of your semi circles so you can line up top and bottom.

  • Trim any excess plastic and trace around your form unto another piece of cardboard, cut out and glue to make a backing

  • Glue felt to top bring it over the edge about a 1/2". Glue down the overhang

  • Glue another piece of felt over the front covering your over hang

  • Finally glue a larger semi circle of felt on the bottom to make your brim

  • Decorate it any way you want

The hat alone would make alone would make a cute holiday wall hanging, but I added it to Frosty. I added some spackle to the top of the hat and used part of a Dollar Tree SCARF as the ribbon around the hat and added a flower. Finished him off with some more of the Dollar Tree .... SCARF.

You can change things up a bit for a different look

Her hat is the same hat I just glue the brim down. A Different face and some hair and your possibilities are endless. BUT Don't forget the Scarf !!!

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