• Toni Wulfekuhl

Happy National Checkers Day

This holiday has nothing to do with game of checkers. While giving a speech to try to debate the misuse of campaign funds in the election Richard M Nixon mentioned his new dog Checkers and how much his kids loved him. This won the hearts of the Americans and boosted his campaign. The Holiday-Maker-Uppers decided that this and celebrating other dogs in the White House needed a NATIONAL Holiday ????

However this is NOT a political site. Thank God (Yea I don't want that debate either) Nor is it a site where we discuss "King Me" . We are Crafters. In the crafters world right now Checkers relates to the plaid and Buffalo Plaid Fabric. IT IS EVERYWHERE !!! Yea, it's in my house too.

The Buffalo Plaid Gnomes are some of my favorites

The plaid works well for your seasonal crafts too.

The difference between gingham plaid and buffalo plaid is the size of the print. Buffalo plaid originated as an alternating red and black pattern with a larger pattern size as compared to gingham prints. In 1850, the Woolrich Woolen Milling company began producing buffalo-plaid shirts—and they were an immediate hit. Supposedly, the name comes from the fact that the mill's designer at the time owned a herd of buffalo.

Although the red and black are still popular and I would imagine you will see more of it with Christmas and Hunting Season upon us, the black and white are EVERYWHERE. Both "Check" all the boxes with me. Happy Checkers Day !!!!!

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