• Toni Wulfekuhl

Happy National Apple Dumpling Day

Apple Dumpling A La Mode. Looks good enough to eat, right ? But it's me so you know the recipe will NOT include flour, sugar or even REAL apples. I take Mock Apple Pie to a whole new level. Plastic, styrofoam, felt, caulking, spackling and glitter probably won't taste very good. Although it does have real cinnamon, that is not a plus. Cinnamon by itself is YUCKY !!!! Although I've never actually eaten spackling or caulking it has to be a step up from plain cinnamon.

However this would LOOK really cute on a tiered tray or coffee bar and it's EASY to make.

  • Cut several strips of tan felt long enough to go halfway around a fake styrofoam core apple.

  • Cut one end into a point, doesn't matter if it's exact. This is going to go next to the stem and you don't want a lot of bulk there. You want the stem to show.

  • Glue the pointy end to the apple at the stem and glue the other end to the bottom.

  • Add another strip the same way next to it. You don't want to pull it tight and you want some of the apple to show.

  • Continue all the way around the apple. Notice the strips are not tight to the apple. The ripples will make it more realistic.

  • Next your going to stiffen the fabric with Mod Podge watered down with a little water.

  • Paint the apple with the mixture and use straight pins to put the ripples where you want them

  • Let it dry to the point where you can pull out the pins and the fabric holds it's shape. Then use another light layer of Mod Podge and some Cinnamon and some clear crystal sprinkles.

Glue the apple to a plate and add a scoop of ice cream (Spackling Mixture) add some caramel sauce (Caulking Mixture) and some cinnamon sticks. Instructions for Spackling Mixture and Caulking Mixture can be found on the Fake Bake Page.

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