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Happy Make A Hat Day !!!

Happy Make A Hat Day !!! Apparently this is a real thing. There are so many holidays, I know many believe that Florists and Hallmark make them up. As someone who worked in the floral industry for over 30 yrs I'd like to go on record to say, "I Personally Had Nothing To Do With This One !!" But let's just go with it...

Here is an easy way to make a Top Hat for your Gnome. Not into Gnomes ?? (It's tough !!! ... BUT I won't hold that against you.) Add a string to the top and some accents and you have a cute Christmas Tree Ornament.

All you need is a pool noodle approximately 3"- 4" and some felt.

  • Glue the noodle to a piece of felt

  • Cut a circle around it a little bit bigger then the noodle

  • Glue the excess down

  • Roll and Glue another piece of felt around the sides of the noodle lining it up to the edge you just created

  • Trim off the excess on the bottom

  • Cut another circle of felt as large as you want the brim

  • Glue the brim to the bottom of your hat

Cut out Holly Leaves for the brim and you have a cute Christmas Gnome

Modify a Little More and you have S'Mores

For those not into Gnomes (Still Not Judging)

Not into Gnomes or Christmas ? It's Make A Hat Day. Grab some aluminum foil and make your hat. Your people will beam you up shortly. :D

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