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Gnomes and Fake Bakes are a Perfect Match

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

One of my main Ah Ha Moments when I first saw the Fake Bakes was how cool these would be WITH the gnomes. Our new Fake Bake section is still a work in progress. This is something I am learning so things are not perfect, there are lots of trials and errors but all these trials will help me to show you how to make them a little easier. What to do and what NOT to do. I do now have a Fake Bake Addiction. And I just found this 3 WEEKS ago. Kitchen counters that once held food, now hold paint and spackle and caulking. Did I always do my "grocery" shopping at Menards ??? There are cakes, ice cream, filled coffee mugs and cookies EVERYWHERE, yet nothing to eat and the refrigerator is empty. I no longer cook rice I paint it to make sprinkles. (Ok rice has been used to make gnomes for a while now.) My husband gets excited when he sees a bag of rice on the counter, anticipating dinner. Silly Man !!! AND I have recently OD'd on Glitter. Everything is covered, my modern farmhouse decor now sparkles pretty. However I've learned that Baby Wipes will get spackle off a cat. Thus far the pies seem to be the thing I have caught on to the fastest.

"Mashing" the pies with the Gnomes was an easy transition. Most of the pies are felt. That's a medium I am used to working with. (Someone needs to tell Frankie that even with Fake Bakes you should probably de-fur monsters before you bake them.)

You can make your Fake Bakes large and put your gnomes on top of them or ...

Make miniatures your gnomes can hold. This little pie is perfect, felt and cardboard make it very light weight so it won't weigh down his arms. ( Questioning the Gnome Health Department they might want to mass produce hair nets for beards.)

Spackling is a key part of the Fake Bake process. Getting the right consistency is the key. And my first ATTEMPTS were not pretty. After watching a bazillion vids, I thought I've got this "Piece of Cake" sort to speak. I've spent 20 yrs trying to get cakes to look like real stuff, now I just need real stuff to look like cake. From the vids I've watched Spackle can basically replace frosting. My first time working with spackle. I bought mine from Dollar Tree.

All I wanted to do was to give Frosty some texture. Not sure Frosty is actually a Fake "Bake" but he is made from a pizza pan, and seemed like a good place to start to try and work with spackle. Figured I wouldn't have to worry about getting the spackling smooth or peaking properly. (He will be added to the Christmas Page soon)

I had a heck of a time getting it to stick to the pan. Sticks great to the craft stick, my fingers, the table, the floor and yes the CAT. Then I thought if I just put it in a piping bag and spread it out more it would be easier. I couldn't even get it through a decorating tip, took it out and thinned it out. Better but still tough to work with. The consistency SEEMED to be the same as frosting it's just real tough to get through the tip. I did eventually get a consistency I that worked but Yea I've gone through a lot of piping bags. I have since learned I want the consistency to be somewhere between frosting and heavy whipping cream. I have also bought spackle from other places other then Dollar Tree. I think the ones I got there have been sitting on the shelves for a while.

There are more instructional pics covering lots of fun things you can do with spackling coming soon. These ice cream treats are pretty forgiving if you don't get the spackle the right consistency. (The cat not so much) so they will probably be next. I can't wait to combine the ice cream treats with the gnomes !!!!

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