• Toni Wulfekuhl

Gnome Phone Holder

Who knew gnomes were into selfies ?

These are cute and practical, use him to hold your phone while it's charging.

I found the phone holder hands at Dollar Tree.

He is basically a sock gnome with a coat. See my Sock Gnome page to get the basics. I just added a few modifications.

  • I used a sock filled with all rice for the body. In this case I wanted the weight to help support the phone.

  • I put the phone holder around the sock at the bottom and at an angle so he isn't totally hidden behind it. The phone will actually rest on the table and he is not actually holding the weight of it. I hid it with the coat.

  • The arms you see are rolled fabric stuffed with a little polyfill and are attached at the shoulders of the gnome and the wrists of the phone holder hands. I hid where they were attached with the cuff of the sleeve.

He is heavy enough you can sit him on top of your phone cord and just plug it in when you want to charge it. I keep my charger on the night stand and the end is forever falling off the table, he keeps it in place so I'm not constantly hunting for the end of the charger.

These would also make great Christmas Gifts.

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