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Fake Bakes 101 - Spackling and Opaque Mugs

One of the easiest fake bake projects is the mug arrangement. These are cute for Kitchen Decor, Coffee Bars, Tiered Trays and Gifts. They can be decorated to match your decor or seasonal.

Let's start with the Spackling Mixture. This is going to be your whipped cream, ice cream and frosting in your fake bake projects.

You will need.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT SPACKLE If you just want to try this out you can get small containers of this at Dollar Tree. I've tried theirs and it's hard to work with. Maybe what my Dollar Tree had was old but to avoid the possible frustration I would strongly recommend going to Walmart or one of the Home Improvement Stores

  • Acrylic Paint whatever color you want it to be. If you want white you will still need acrylic white paint. Spackle has a grey cast to it when it dries.

  • A disposable container to mix and store it in

  • Craft Sticks to mix it with

  • Wet Wipes for clean up. You DO NOT want to rinse off anything with spackle in a sink, this will mess up your plumbing.

In your disposable container mix some of the acrylic paint with some of the spackling. The paint will thin out the spackling, There is no exact recipe because the consistency of the spackling is different depending on what brand you use and how long it's been sitting on the shelf. So you are just going to have to play with it, adding paint a little at a time. You want it somewhere between the consistency of frosting and heavy whipped cream. You want it stiff enough so when you stir it, it holds it's peaks. If you find it too runny you can add flour or baby powder to thicken it back up.


In the cake decorating world squeezing the frosting through a bag to get your desired design is called piping. There are some who use a baggie and cut a hole in the corner and this works but is difficult to control. If this is your first project try it, but if you find yourself getting frustrated BEFORE you quit, invest in cake decorating bags usually around $4-$5. You will also need a tip (the metal part at the end that determines how the frosting will come out. They usually run about $2 each.

Piping Bags come in 2 sizes 12" and 16" For the most part the 12" bags will usually meet your needs unless you are doing a large projects or several at the same time

Tips come in 2 sizes, if you're just starting out, use the large ones

There are a bazillion different types of tips that all give you different effects. If you are just starting out I would go with a Large Star Tip. This one looks like the tip of a can of whipped cream you buy at the store. And/Or a Round Tip, this one will give you a smooth line, kind of like a soft serve ice cream machine puts out. Smaller tips like this work well for writing on cakes.

Filling the Piping Bag

Cut the tip off the piping bag. Some people place the tip inside the bag and mark it to see where they want to cut it The tip goes inside the bag so that a little less the half of it is sticking out. Make sure it is in there snug so your "Frosting" won't come out the sides. Fill the bag with your spackling mix. Squeeze out any air bubbles.

Are you ready to make something ?

Let's start with a coffee mug arrangement

You will need:

  • A opaque mug (One you can't see through)

  • Your Spackling Mixture

  • A piece of cardboard

  • Empty TP Roll

  • Trace around the brim of your mug onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Cut it down a little further so circle fits into the mug. If mug is tapered you want it to go in approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch

  • Cut off a section of a toilet paper roll so it fits down into your mug leaving approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from the brim and glue it to the bottom

  • Glue the cardboard onto the top of the toilet paper roll. Again letting it sit down 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from the brim

Fill in the inside of the mug with your spackling starting from the outside edge and going around the perimeter, building a cone shape as you proceed to the middle. If you've never worked with a piping bag before and don't like the looks of your first attempt, simply remove the spackling and put it back in the container and try again.

You can add sprinkles, cinnamon and accents either while it is still wet or brush on some Mod Podge after it's dried to add sprinkles. (Adding sprinkles while wet is easier, however sprinkles stick better to the Mod Podge) If you are adding accents you want to sink down into the whipped cream (In this case the pumpkin but you can use a cherry etc) do it while it's still wet, once the spackle dries it's solid so accents can be glued onto your project but not pushed into it.

Congratulations You just passed Fake Bakes 101.

Come back tomorrow for Fake Bakes 102 - Ice Cream and Shakes

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