• Toni Wulfekuhl

Fake Baker With A Cricut Maker

LOTS of years ago I bought the Cricut Cake. Traci and I were both just getting into cake decorating, so I figured we could share it. Over the years Traci being MAJOR Steps above me when it comes to electronics and PATIENCE, has created some Really Cool Things with it, both for cakes and she eventually replaced the cake blade with a regular blade. I learned to use the On/OFF button. Last year she upgraded to the Maker cause "It Could Do EVERYTHING".

So I got the Cricut Cake back. Traci hooked it up to my old laptop and I did use it for a couple of projects. Easy Basic stuff, not only cause of the operator, but the machine was so outdated that I couldn't use most of the software.

Sunday Traci came over and we were going to have a Cricut Project Learning Day. Since the last time I used it I had bought a new laptop. After messing with it for awhile, we came to the conclusion that OLD Cricut Cake and Windows 10 REALLY didn't like each other AND we were wasting our Cricut Project Learning Day.

So we went to Michaels one of the few stores open on a Sunday that sells them, and I bought one. (Did I mention my lack of patience?) I don't normal shop at Michaels. I find them more expensive then Hobby Lobby, when I don't have patience and a lot more expensive then Amazon when I do. But it was actually On Sale. (Not sure how long the sale lasts)

I was so excited, I was getting a MAKER !!! I could do "EVERYTHING" !!! Now Traci is not the only one who has told me how great the Makers were and that they could "Do EVERYTHING". So when I asked the clerk for a Maker, she came back with a Maker 3 that was considerably more $$$. Apparently there is an EVERYTHINGer !!! From Cake to Maker is a considerable upgrade, I could settle for EVERYTHING.

We came home had it hooked up right away and Circut Project Day actually began. We started with Vinyl.

btw You can get vinyl a whole lot cheaper on Amazon. Cricut's Permanent Vinyl at Michaels is $7.99 for a 12"x48" roll where as Amazon has an off brand that works just as well (According to Traci and yes she is a perfectionist) in a 12" by 20 FEET roll for $11.99.. Here is a link if your interested https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W56SS2N/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=craftyfunpa0c-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=6985b39741b4e83cf404d3874709a01b&creativeASIN=B07W56SS2N

Guessing I am probably going to be going through a lot of it.

My First project. Yea this was a "Look What I Can Do" moment !!! If your familiar with Cricuts or any cutting machine you're probably thinking "Yea, that's easy, No Big Deal." and yes it was easy even to me. But when you consider what I had been fighting with, it's a major big deal !!!

I can't wait to do "EVERYTHING", but mostly I can't wait to fill this project. Apparently the electronics all over the table and Spackling are not a good combination. (Even the cat knows this !! ) but the New Cricut Maker and Fake Bakes will be.

Yep I am now a " Fake Baker with a Maker " !!!!!!

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