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Fake Bake Apple Pie with Potpourri

Happy First Day of Fall

Fall is my 2nd favorite time of year, it loses points for being followed by winter. I live in Michigan. Not sure why there are 4 seasons and in Michigan it seems we get 6 months of winter ???

One of the best things about Fall is the smell of apples and cinnamon. This cute apple pie can sit on your counter or coffee bar for the whole season without going bad. Filled with Potpourri it may not taste good but it smells wonderful

You will need:

  • A Pie Pan

  • Some Tan Felt Squares (Did you know Hobby Lobby puts their felt squares on sale every other week ? Making them about 18 cents a piece !!)

  • A Bag Potpourri

  • Matte Mod Podge

  • Cinnamon

  • Crystal Glitter or Diamond Dust

  • A Glue Gun

The Pie

  • Cut tan beige felt square into strips. Strips can be any width you'd like. You can use pinking sheers or craft scissors for a different look.

  • Make sure they are long enough to cover your pie pan.

  • Lay all your vertical strips down. Weave a horizontal strip through the vertical strip. i.e. Go over the first strip, under the 2nd, over the next, under the next etc. Glue strips as you go with a small amount of hot glue

  • Add your next horizontal strip, opposite of the first strip. If the first one is over, go under it with this row. Continue to glue as you go.

  • An easy way to do this is to lift up the strip the felt needs to go under, lay down your felt strips and bring the strips back down

  • Place your pie plate on top of your lattice

  • Cut around the pie plate approximately 1/2 in to an inch beyond the plate

  • Bend one the tabs down and glue it on the inside of your pie plate

  • Continue with the next one

  • After you have attached a couple of tabs to one side move to the opposite side and attach a couple on that side, pulling it as taunt as you'd like it

  • Continue on a 3rd side, leaving one side open so pie can be filled with potpourri.

  • Stuff your pie with your potpourri. Save a little of the potpourri to decorate the top of your pie later.

  • Glue down the last side and any unglued tabs


  • Cut a tan/beige felt square into 4 strips length wise (Long strips)

  • Roll one strip into a tube gluing as you go

  • Add the next strip and continue to roll

  • Repeat with the others so you end with a long tube. You may need a 5th strip.

  • Glue one end of your tube to the rim of the pie pan

  • Gather/pleat your roll around the edge gluing as you go until it's all covered. Cut off excess and glue down.


  • I finished off this Apple Pie with Crystal Glitter and Cinnamon. I used Mod Podge to secure.

  • Water down some Matte Mod Podge

  • Paint the top of your pie with watered down Matte Mod Podge

  • Add crystal glitter and cinnamon while it is still wet.

  • Let pie dry and finish by gluing on some of the potpourri you left out when you were filling it.

Ta Da

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