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Dollar Tree Ghost and Pumpkins Makeover

Have you noticed that once someone posts a way to use something from Dollar Tree then all of a sudden NONE can be found ? I wanted to make something out of what I considered the leftover DT stuff. I found these hanging ghosts, not just one but every DT I went to had them in abundance.

The styrofoam pumpkins were another DT items there seemed to be boxes of everywhere. So hopefully this is a Dollar Tree Makeover Craft that you can actually find the items.

You will need:

  • A Hanging Ghost

  • 2 Styrofoam Pumpkins

  • Orange Paint (Optional)

  • A small amount of Polyfill

  • A 4" Pool Noodle

  • A White Felt Square

  • A Green Felt Square

  • A Dowel

  • Rice, Kitty Litter, Rocks (Something for weight)

  • Ribbon, Sticks, Signs, (Whatever you want to decorate her)

  • I painted 2 DT styrofoam pumpkins a burnt orange color, add some brown to orange paint. Just something to tone it down, this is optional.

  • Cut a small slit in the back of the ghost's hat along the seam. DO NOT cut the seam. Just enough so you can get some polyfill inside. Stuff the hat and glue it closed.

  • Cover a 4" pool noodle with white felt. This will be your body and you don't want the color of the noodle to show through.

  • Lift the sheet of the ghost and you will see a piece of styrofoam that makes the head, insert and glue a 3" dowel 1/2 halfway into the styrofoam. Leaving some of the dowel left out to attach to he body.

  • Glue and insert the dowel into the top of the white felt covered body. Flip the sheet back over

  • If your ghost's eyes are covered by the hat, prop it up with some straight pins and paint it with a 1/2 - 1/2 mixture of Matte Mod Podge and water. This will stiffen the fabric. Material will appear white but Mod Podge dries clear

  • As long as you have your Mod Podge mixture, cut out some leaves from green felt and cover them with the mixture. Now using straight pins bend them to the shape you'd like. Let dry completely before you glue them on your pumpkin.

  • Insert 2 dowels into the bottom of your ghost to attach him to the pumpkin. Your going to want to cut holes in the sheet for the dowels to go through so the sheet is between his bottom and the pumpkin

  • Get your second pumpkin and cut a hole in the top. You need to add some weight to this one. I attached the 2 pumpkins together off center to give it a topsy turvy look, but even if you attach them in the center you arrangement is going to be top heavy and you want weight to balance it

  • Make a makeshift funnel out of paper and fill with rice/pebbles. cat liter whatever you want that has some weight.

  • Add some polyfill or some kind of filling (Walmart bags, whatever). This will prevent your weights from moving too much. You don't want a pumpkin maraca

  • Cover the hole with a piece of green felt shaped like a leave. Make sure it is glued ALL the way around so if it is accidently turned over your weights will stay inside.

  • Glue some dowel into the bottom of your pumpkin with the ghost. Let the glue dry well and then add more glue to both the dowels that are sticking out and the bottom of your pumpkin near the dowels and insert them into the weight pumpkin.

  • Tip: When I sat the ghost upright he was kind of flat I glued some poly fill to his body so the sheet would lay better. You can also lightly glue some of the creases into your sheet so it lays the way you want.

  • Now you can decorate her any way you want. Add your stiffen leaves, sticks for stems, the curly twigs I used is just floral wire covered with floral tape and I then glued some leaves on them. If you want a more Glitzy look, diamond dust your pumpkins and add ribbons or Fake Bakes. or add legs and boots, Use your imagination. There's no right or wrong.

So for 3 Dollar Tree Items and stuff, if your a crafter, you probably already have around the house, you can have a really cute Halloween Decoration, that looks way more expensive.

Note: I am limited in the Blog Format to actually put any captions on the pictures. Reading back over this I am afraid this may seem confusing and harder then it actually is. If you're having trouble following this go to the Halloween Page on the website and you will find the same instructions BUT the pictures and the descriptions are in the same frame. This holds true for most of the tutorials on the blog. We are working on Printable PDF Files you will be able to download and print out the instructions on our crafts. So you eventually have 3 different ways to see how we make our crafts. 1. The Blog which will give you an overall picture of what you are making without having to click through the directions. 2. The Website which will give you Step by Step Instructions with the picture right there to use as a reference. 3. A printable set of directions with pictures so you don't have to be at your computer or phone to follow.

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