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Basic EASY Gnome - Step By Step Instructions - Don't Be Afraid

I've seen several people post on social media groups that they want to make a gnome but are afraid to try ??? Everything I use is either stuff I have around the house or fairly inexpensive. So what's the worse that can happen ? You deny your sock eating clothes dryer lunch ? Gnomes and making gnomes is FUN. Even if your gnome turns out to be totally laughable (yep I've made those !) Isn't a good laugh worth some rice. stuffing and a sock ?

Let's start with the basic sock gnome. I'm going to use a Dollar Tree Mop for the beard so you don't have to invest in faux fur and any kind of small ball you have around the house for the nose so you don't have to invest in the wooden balls.

For this you will need: You Will Need:

  • 1 pair of CREW Socks (Dollar Tree) This is enough to also do the girl gnome.

  • A Little Bit of Rice (Or whatever you'd like for weight, rocks, pebbles, cat litter, beans Whatever you have around the house.)

  • Polyfill (Stuffing)

  • Dollar Tree Mop

  • Small Ball (Ping Pong etc Something to use for a nose)

  • String, Twine

  • A Rubber Band

The Body
  • Cut Both socks just above the heel.

  • Take the calf side of one and turn it inside out

  • Tie off the cut end with a rubber band. A rubber band is easier to get more secure.

  • However over time a rubber band may weaken so also string or twine to tie it off.

  • Flip the sock so it is right side out

  • Fill with a little rice or something for weight and stuff the rest with polyfill (stuffing) and tie it off with both rubber band and twine.

The Nose

  • For the nose you can use any type of small ball doesn't matter what color you can paint it (The eyeballs at Dollar Tree they are selling now are a good size)

Hint for painting plastic balls : Poke a hole in it and insert a stick or dowel, paint it and let it dry in a cup or piece of styrofoam. The hole will be glued to the gnome body so you won't see it.

The Beard

  • Cut the strands off the mop head. (You won't need all of them)

  • Glue a strand to the body where it is tied off and let it hang down

  • Glue another strand next to it

  • Work you way around covering 1/2 of the body

  • Add a second layer or fill in where ever need so beard is full.

Glue On The Nose

  • Glue the nose on where the mop strands meet the body, in the center of your beard.

  • If you used a dowel to help paint the nose be sure to glue that part towards the gnomes body so the hole doesn't show

The Hat

  • Using the other crew sock calf, place it on his head like a hat, the factory edge side on the nose. You can use the foot side of the sock you used, however make sure you roll and glue a seam on the open end so your sock doesn't fray.

  • Add some polyfill if desired

  • Tie it off, where desired

  • Trim down the hat and make some vertical cuts to make a make shift pom pom

Trim The Beard

Trim the beard to the length you want. A longer beard will make him look like just a head, a shorter beard will let the sock show to show a body.

To prevent your mop strands from unraveling dip the ends of his beard in a mixture of glue/Mod Podge and water. Use a paper towel to squeeze out excess and let it dry.


Unravel the strands of his beard to give him a different look.


Add a flower or buttons or some kind of embellishment to his hat. Use a sock with a pattern or print. You can dye the mop strands with a mixture of acrylic paint and water to make his beard whatever color you want.

From this point you can make an infinitely number of different gnomes by simply adding to or changing the basic gnome. Add arms, coats, boots, feet. Our Sock Gnome Page will give you all the instructions.

See it wasn't scary at all !!!!!

Ok, your new addiction with making these MAY be a little scary :D

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