• Toni Wulfekuhl

Ahoy Matey !!! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

Thar are lots o' booty t' be found on our Pirate Page

Rum Barrel 'n skeletons make a fun pirate decoration

For the Rum Barrell I painted a Cheese Puff container I got from Walmart n' decoupaged the poison label on it. Makes a cute ice bucket too.

Cut out the top o' a Doubloon (Dollar) Tree Skull 'n fill it wit' treasures.

Fortunately Talk Like A Pirate Day happens t' coordinate wit' skeletons 'n skulls bein' available at Doubloon Tree. ( Do you think the Holiday Maker Uppers planned it that way ?? )

We 'ave Curvy Keepsake Boxes t' store yer booty. Pattern is available for both those with a Cricut and those with a scissors :D

We 'ave Captains 'n First Mates sure t' get ye in the mood fer a great time.

We 'ave eats 'n treats fer yer belly

Thar are games fer young 'n ole

'N o' course thar are free SVGs

Fun fer all. Stop by 'n check it out Pirate Page

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