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Last Updated 7/26/21

Movie and TV Themed Cakes,Treats and Games sure to make your TV or Movie Night a Oscar Winner


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Cardboard Drive In Cars
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The Drive-In
Set up a Drive-In Movie in your driveway or yard
Paint cardboard to look like the back end of a car and place chairs in front.
Project the movie on the garage door or a screen.
Serve Popcorn and Hotdogs for a FUN Night.

Popcorn Cupcakes

Popcorn Cupcakes
Notch out marshmallows and spray lightly with Yellow food paint.
Wrap Red and White Paper around the base

Popcorn Clipart png
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Movies and Actors

Ghostbuster Cake
Ghostbuster Clipart png

Ghostbuster Cake

Pacific Rim Cake
Pacific Rim Cake 2

Pacific Rim Cake

Groucho Marx Cake

Groucho Marx Cake

 Groucho Marx Clipart


Find the Movies 

There aren't any answer sheets for a lot of these. I printed off several copies of the one we were using and gave one to all of the players. Then everyone took turns finding a movie. The first one to miss or repeat another's answer is out. Play continues til there is only one person left.

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Find The Movies Printable

Find the Movies

50 Hidden Movies with Answers
Find The Movies Printable 2

Find the Movies

Find The Horror Movies

Find the Horror Movies

50 Hidden Movies

With Answers

Find The 80s Movies
25 Christmas Movies with Answers
Find The 25 Movies
Guess The Cartoon Silhouettes

Guess The Cartoon Silhouettes
How many of these cartoon characters can you identify from just the silhouettes ?
This one has an answer sheet.

Find The 80's Movies

25 Christmas Movies

With Answers

Find the 25 Movies

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1970s Tv Trivia JPG

70's TV Trivia