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No Sew Gnomes
Green Gnome Clipart.png
Green Gnome Clipart.png
No Sew Gnomes have gained so much popularity it was going to their heads. They had totally taken over the gnome page so we had to separate them. We now have a Sock Gnome Page. Here you will find all the basics to get you started on your sock gnomes. There are also lots of hints and tips for those who are already addicted. We have also added a Standing Gnome Page. (This page is still under construction) Although you can add boots to a sock gnome, to add legs you need a base you can insert a dowel into. Here you will find gnomes made from pool noodles and styrofoam. These bases also give you more opportunity to add extra details.
Pill Bottles are great for smaller gnomes. Remove the label (Yep even gnomes have HIPAA regulations) and cover with material and decorate
Spring Gnomes from Pill Bottles
Flower Pot Gnomes
Add petals and a clay pot to your pill bottle based gnome

Cut a felt square into strips length wise, however long you want your petal. I did thirds here and only used 2. Then cut slices the other way careful not to cut all the way through. Usually into 5-6 sections. Round off the ends to shape like petals. * None of this needs to be precise or exact. Real flower petals are not perfect !!!

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Roll your cut petal strip around the bottom of the pill bottle, gluing as you go.

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Add a second or even 3rd strip, depending on how many petals you want. Stagger the petals as you go, if the petals start to line up to the previous row. Cut the felt move it over and continue. Fold petals down to form a flower.

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Cut out leaves from green felt and glue to the bottom of your flower (Not the bottom of the pill bottle)

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Use the stiffening fabric method from above to make the petals stay where and how you want them.

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Pool Noodle Clipart.png
Socks Clickart.png
Gnome Homes
Replace beards and noses on a pool noodle based gnome with doors and windows.
Gnome Home with Gnome
Sock Gnomes
Standing Gnomes
Gnomes and Fake Bakes
Combine your gnomes with a Fake Bake for a really cute display.
Monster Mash
Frankie is a Standing Pool Noodle Gnome. Monster Pie is done like the Cream Pies on the Fake Bakes Page
Other Gnome Crafts
Dollar Tree Mushroom
I found these little ceramic mushrooms at Dollar Tree. Glue a beard, nose and accents for a quick easy gnome. Add boots (Instructions on the No Sew Sock Gnome Page) to take that extra "Step".
Gnomes and Mushroom Wood Crafts

Garden Gnomes and Mushrooms
Gnomes are a 1"x 1" board cut at about 4"
I painted the bottoms and used fake fur for the beard, wooden peg for the nose and burlap stiffen with Mod Podge for the hat

For the mushrooms I covered half a Styrofoam circle with red burlap using Mod Podge and added white burlap circles again with the Mod Podge. Make sure the red has dried completely it will bleed unto the white if it's still wet. Glued them on top of another 1"x1"

Gnome Mushroom House Clipart png
Mushroom Cap Silhoutte Gnome Jar
Mushroom Cap Silhoutte Gnome Jar

I painted a  glass jar white and added a mushroom cap to the lid made from material. (Basically it's 2 pieces of material I glued together and stuffed) I only glued it to the lid so the jar can be opened. Added some silk greenery and some silhouettes

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FREE Blue Gnome Clipart png
FREE Green Gnome Clipart png
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Green Gnome
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