Father's Day Crafts, Treats and Gift and Card Ideas


Last Updated 7/26/21

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Personalized Gifts

Fathers Day Gifts
Puzzle Piece Picture Frame Father's Day

I Love You To Pieces

Picture Frame


Customize Ceramic Plates and Mugs

Use a Sharpie Marker to write or draw anything you'd like on a Dollar Store Mug or Plate. When your finished bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. You may see a difference in color for colored markers. Not dishwasher safe.

Dads Stuff Custom Plate
Dad Custom Mug 2
Dad Custom Mug

Father's Day Cards

Toilet Paper Thanks PDF
Fathers Day Cards
Coolest Dad Card

Coolest Dad Card

I printed the message on Card Stock and Cut out felt, then gave the kids the various parts so they could make dad a card. It's cute and easy.

All about My Dad Printable
PDF File

All About Dad Printable

Happy Fathers Day Clipart png

Toilet Paper Thanks
Ok, So maybe you weren't always the perfect child. 

Printable PDF File

hammer clipart png

Father's Day Tees

If Dad Can't Fix It Were All Screwed FREE SVG
If Grandpa Can't Fix It Were All Screwed FREE SVG
If Papa Can't Fix It Were All Screwed FREE SVG

If Dad Can't Fix It We're All Screwed
Download contains:
Dad, Grandpa and Papa SVG Files

screwdriver png
Because I Am Your Father SVG File

Because I Am Your Father
Download contains:
Because I Am Your Father SVG File

Because I Am Your Father with DarthVader SVG

Darth Vader PNG
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Super Dad

Super Dad GIF.gif
Bam Clipart png
Zap Clipart png
Boom Clipart png

Super Dad Party

DIY Superdad Centerpiece 01
Super Dad FREE SVG and PNG.png

Super Dad
Download contains:
Super Dad PNG
Super Dad SVG File (No Black)

Super Dad Gift Bag

DIY Superdad Centerpiece 02

Cake was a simple layer cake, I added M&M's to.

I printed and added the Clipart and placed them on and around it. 

Our Super Hero Dads were made with 2 liter pop bottles I covered with yellow felt. I added arms like I make for the gnomes out of Dollar Tree hair curlers. (See Gnome Page) I then added a felt cape, masks and a Super Dad emblem I printed out.

The cartoon faces were done on the Voila App you can find through the Google Play Store.
(Even if you are not making Super Dads this is a fun app to play with !!!)


Father's Day Ice Cream Social


Fathers Day Ice Cream Social
Fathers Day Cool Dads

See the

Ice Cream Social Page

for more details

Pop Bottle Crafts

Top Chef
Cut the spout off a 2 liter pop bottle and add some felt for a cute Chef centerpiece

Cut the bottom off a 2 liter pop bottle, add dowels for legs and the grill and some felt flames. Hotdogs are made by wrapping tan felt around a dowel and gluing the ends. Use a black sharpie for the grill marks and go over it lightly with the side of the sharpie to get it to look cooked.

Pop Bottle King Craft

Dad is King

Bee Hunter Pop Bottle Craft

Personalize your Pop Bottle Craft with something unique to your dad. In this case dad was having some issues with bees. (Did you know Brake Cleaner will kill bees ?)


See Our Gnome Page for Step By Step Instructions

Crown Royal Black Gnome

Pick Up Truck Gnomes

Deer Hunter Gnomes

Crown Royal Black Gnome

Deer Hunter Gnomes

Playing Card Gnomes

 Spock Gnome

Tool Gnomes

Tool Gnomes

Biker Gnomes

Biker Gnomes


Name That Tool

Blindfold dad and place his toolbox close by. Let the child/children pick a tool and describe it without saying the name of it. Dad must guess what they are holding. 

What's in Dad's Wallet

Have the kids write down a list of 10 things they think are in their dad's wallets. When they’ve completed their lists, have them read off the list getting one point for each match. The child with the most points wins.

Famous Fathers and Sons Printable

Famous Fathers and Sons Printable
Match the Father to the Son