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Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting is a toss between Paint By Numbers and Cross Stitch. Fun, Relaxing and Totally Addictive. Here you will find Tips and Ideas that will have you hooked too.

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Diamond Painting Kit

Most Kits Include

A Printed Canvas w/key

Fauceted "Diamonds" (Plastic Beads)


Wax Pad

Diamond Dotz Stylus

Stylus' have a hollowed end. You poke the stylus into the wax to fill the tip, this is what holds the diamonds on to it until they are placed. You don't do this for every placement. You only repeat when the diamonds are hard to pick up.

The canvas has a grid of your picture and the corresponding key printed on the sides. It is covered with a tacky glue that the diamonds adhere to when placed and then covered with a removable plastic. Working from the bottom of your design lift the plastic as you work, leaving the sections you are not working on covered to ensure the glue stays tacky until you're ready to place diamonds there.

Inserting Diamonds Diamond Painting

Diamonds are packaged and labeled with their corresponding number.

diamond painting diamonds
diamond painting tray

The tray that is provided help make the diamonds easier to pick up. Diamonds are placed fauceted side up


How To Diamond Paint

Diamond Painting round Diamonds Close Up

The straighter you place the diamonds, the better your design will look. The glue does allow you to continue to move the diamonds once placed so you can adjust them as you progress. Round diamonds are more forgiving if the placement is off.

Diamonds have one side that is fauceted and the other side is flat. They are available in both round (Pictured) and square.


Working slouched over a table for hours is hard on the back and neck. A couple of ways to help with this are ...

  • Tape canvas to a dry erase board or foam board and put it on an easel, so you can work on it upright

  • A lap desk so you can sit in a comfortable chair and work on your lap


Storing The Diamonds

  • Pill Bottles work well for storage

  • A bead organizer works great, but you may want to keep them in the bags

The Hits

Princess Magic

Princess Magic Diamond Dotz
Princess Magic Diamond Area

Princess Magic was my 1st project and if you too are new at this I highly recommend it for an easy start. It is made by the Diamond Dotz Company. They are one of the best selling companies of the diamond paintings for good reasons. 

This particular project is Not solid diamonds. The background, the castle, the fairies faces are actually printed on the canvas. You only place the diamonds in the "Diamond Area". Not only does this enable you to finish the project faster but because the diamond pattern is not solid it is more forgiving if they are not perfectly aligned.


The one I made is no longer in production. This one is close AND the price is right

Paid Link

Disney Characters Diamond Painting
 Mickey Mouse Family Diamond Painting

 Mickey Mouse Family 

This one I call "Why My Yardwork Didn't Get Done"
Does everyone else find these totally addicting ?

Finished ... Round Diamonds ... Full Coverage

What you get ... Printed Sticky Canvas (Pretty sure that's NOT the technical name for it) , PLENTY of the Round Diamond Dots, Stylus and Tray

Mickey Mouse Family Diamond Painting

Paid Link

Wolf Diamond Painting


Wolf Diamond Painting Kit

Paid Link

These are the ones I bought. The 2nd is about 3/4 the way done.

The Misses

Sometimes craft projects just don't turn out the way you want them too. I want this site to not only show the hits but misses too, so hopefully you can avoid them. Hopefully there will be few projects is this section !!!

Salute Gesture Flag

Salute Gesture Flag Diamond paintingAdvertised.jpg

This is the picture I seen when I ordered this one, I wanted it to go on a small place on my wall, so I picked a smaller project.

Salute Gesture Flag Diamond Painting Finished
Salute Gesture Flag Diamond Painting Unfinished

This is the canvas before I started

"Major" Miss

I didn't expect the stars to be perfect but I did expect a lot more contrast in the colors so at least you could tell what it was when it was completed. I even removed some of the diamonds to see if I misread the key and used the wrong diamonds. It's an American flag and there are NO Blue diamonds in this kit and very few red ones. I understand the purple and black when blended can look blue but the orange and maroon look really bad for the red stripes. But the real problem was there wasn't enough difference in the various shades of white that the majority of the picture looks like an off white blob. The design may have been really cool in a larger size where the details would be better. But I wouldn't recommend this, there are lots of similiar designs available that would be better.

Finished Picture

LESSON: When picking out projects for smaller areas, choose one with a simple design. Details in smaller designs get lost.

Friend's Projects

These are projects I did not do but were done by my friends. I can't comment on how easy or difficult they were to complete. They are here to give you ideas of what is available. 

Cheshire Cat Diamond Painting

Cheshire Cat 

Yoda Diamond Painting Star Wars
Yoda Diamond Painting Close Up


Diamond Painting Beatles Finished

The Beatles


Valentine Relax-A-Bear
Diamond Dotz

Valentine Relax a Bear diamond painting

Paid Link

Paid Link

Good Deal

Paid Link

Paid Link

I want to try this but I Googled it and it's available at Hobby Lobby or Joann's for like $4 cheaper. But I am thinking with this you can Diamond Dot pretty much anything.