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Last Updated 12/27/21

Free Fun Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) for your cutting machines AND Free PDF Files for those who don't have one but have a printer and a scissors.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. (Also known as a digital cut file.) SVGs are most commonly used with the Cricut and Silhouette cutting machines. These files can be uploaded into the design software that comes with either machine and are used to cut out designs on various mediums such as paper, cardstock, vinyl, foam board, material and more. What’s great about SVGs is that you can size them up or down and not compromise the integrity of the graphic. In contrast to being designed in pixels, like a JPG or PNG, it is created using lines and points. The blade of a cutting machine works by cutting lines and turns at the points. That is why SVGs work perfectly with the cutting machines.

No Cutting Machine ? We've got you covered too. PDF Files and a scissors will work for some of our projects.



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Star Ratings
We are in the process of adding star ratings to our Cricut Projects

1 Star   ... I just got it out of the box, what can I do ?
2 Stars ... These are still easy, there's just a couple extra steps

3 Stars ... A couple more steps, but you can do it !

4 Stars ...  Still doable but will cause Frustration your first time

5 Stars ... We don't have any 5 Stars, we just don't want you to be intimidated by the 4 Stars


Scissors Icon ... You can cut them out with a scissors


Check Out Our Valentines Page for some Fun Projects and SVGs

Conversation Hearts Treat Boxes
Chocolate Candy Holders


One Color Vinyl Projects

Step By Step Instructions

Before you begin you are going to need to install Cricut Design Space into your computer or tablet. Downloading and Installing Cricut Design Space

A one color vinyl project is probably the easiest project to start with. There are a lot of steps here NOT because it's difficult but because this tutorial is very specific. This will walk you through from downloading the SVG to inserting it into Cricut Design Space, to cutting it out, weeding it, and transferring it to your project. I've broken it down so you won't have to go through the whole tutorial if your only having a problem with 1 thing. (Which you won't !!!)


For this project I will be putting this gnome on this Dollar Tree Tray that I white washed. The steps will be the same for all single image 1 color transfers. 

Because my server will not let me share SVG files directly I had to zip them. Click on the Gnome (Or any file you want throughout the site) and the zip file will automatically download. You need to unzip it, to access the SVG file.


Usually the SVG will not show a thumbnail pic like a JPG or PNG file, it shows up as a Webpage when you store it

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

12 Inches by 20 Feet

This works just as well as the more expensive brands


Duck EasyLiner Adhesive Surfaces, 12 in x 36 ft, Clear
Also available in larger widths

You're going to need:

  • A Cricut (Yea I'll start with the obvious)

  • A SVG File

  • Adhesive Vinyl .. Cricut makes their own and you can find it at any craft store that sells the Cricuts but it's kind of pricey. I really like the stuff we found on Amazon (link below) or sometimes you can even find it at Dollar Tree.

  • Transfer Tape/Adhesive (basically clear contact paper or shelf liner.) Again Cricut makes their own, we really like the Duck EasyLiner Adhesive (link below) affordable, easy to work with.

  • Something to adhere your decal to. In the case a DT Tray, but could be a mug, a board, glass jar etc.

  • Weeding Tool. One came with your Cricut or you can get them at DT. (It's the plastic thing shaped like a pen with a sharp point on the end) Tweezers help too.

Uploading and Resizing
Click on first pic to start

press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
The Mat
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom


Preparing and Loading the Mat
Click on first pic to start


press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom


Make It
Click on first pic to start

press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom

Weeding and Transferring
Click on first pic to start

Buffalo Plaid Wooden Pumpkin Sign

Buffalo Plaid Wooden Pumpkin Sign
This SVG and others can be found on our Pumpkin Page


Cricut Vinyl Decal Gnome Tray
Nightmare Before Christmas Candles SVG Files

Nightmare Before Christmas Candles
Dollar Tree Candles I painted with Flat Mod Podge and a few drop of purple paint, vinyl SVG and some ribbon

Nightmare Before Christmas 100 FREE SVG
Nightmare Before Christmas 101 FREE SVG

Click on image for SVG and PNG Files

Disney Witches Candles

Disney Witches Candles
SVGs for these and Jafar and the Evil Stepmother from Cinderella can be found on our Disney Stories Page

Reverse Tweezers

These work really well for weeding your Cricut projects. Those stupid little pieces you just can't grab are no longer a headache.

Other One Color Vinyl Projects

Pirate Booty Jar

Pirate Jar
This SVG and others can be found on our Pirate Page


The Step By Step Tutorial is for this Gnome Project, however these Steps are the BASICS for pretty much any Cricut Project. These are your Foundation.

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Paid Link

Paid Link

Quick Note on Vinyl. There are some who will only use the Cricut Vinyl and that is fine but a little pricey for me. My preferred brand is the SGHUO. Yea I know name looks questionable but it's good stuff I've never had a problem with it and I'm a Newbie !! You can get through Amazon (Link Below). Dollar Tree also carries vinyl, it's ok for larger projects. For the smaller more intricate things set your Cricut Base Material to Washi Sheet for better results with the DT vinyl.

Christmas Finger Nails Vinyl Stickers

Add Vinyl To Your Manicures
These were done with Dollar Tree Vinyl. Set your Base Material to Washi Sheet.
These were Christmas Icons a FONT available at

Coming Soon 
Adding Text To Your Projects Instructions

Cappuccino Mug
See Our Fake Bake Page to see how to fill it.

Cappuccino Fake Bake
Cappaccino Vinyl Cricut Mug
Cappuccino Clipart FREE SVG and PNG Files

This is the SVG I used click on it to download

Obsessive Cow Disorder Sign

Obsessive Cow Disorder Sign
This SVG and others can be found on our Farms Page

Lets Par Tee Golfball Sign

Let's Par Tee Sign
This SVG and others can be found on our Sports Page

I Am Groot Jar

I Am Groot Jar
This SVG and others can be found on our Superheroes Page

Chocolate Makes Everything Better Sign

Chocolate Makes Everything Better Sign
This SVG and others can be found on our Chocolate Page

Keepsake Boxes

Curvy Keepsake Boxes

Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File
Small Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File
Halloween Curvy Keepsake Boxes
Large and Small Curvy Keepsake Boxes


Print/Cut 2 for each box. Paste pieces together as shown in PDF Files. Score ond fold the center square. Bring handle pieces to meet together of the top. Bring each of the slotted sides up over the handle.

Skeleton Curvy Keepsake Box

Add felt faces for Halloween Curvy Keepsake Boxes

Download Includes:

  • Curvy Keepsake Box SVG File

  • Large Curvy Keepsake Box PDF File

  • Small Curvy Keepsake Box PDF File


Cut them out from patterned cardstock, that can be purchased OR print a pattern unto white card stock, cut them out and just add a bow.

Curvy Keepsake Box Pom Pom Bunny

These fun cute little boxes are great gift boxes or party favors. They come in 2 different sizes and are easy enough to cut out without a Cutting Machine

Great for all Occasions

Add Embellishments. For this one I made a simple Pom Pom Bunny and glued him to the side. Make sure when you are adding embellishments that you can still open and close the box.

Curvy Keepsake Box Bunny


I Want To be Where The People Aren't SVG File
Karate Keep Training FREE SVG

Paid Link

CAREGY Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll HTV (12''x5',White)
Available in 15 Other Colors

CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Bundle 12"x10" - 45 Pack Includes 30 Pack Assorted Colors Sheets and 2 Sheets Teflon, Iron On Vinyl for DIY T-Shirts Fabrics

This is great if your just starting out and want a variety

Paid Link

Cupcake Liners

Our cupcake liners are available in both SVG and PDF formats. Those without a Cricut can print out the PDF File and simply cut them out, the down side is that you can not change the colors without a photo editing program. The up side we picked out cute colors :D

Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners with Flowers

Lattice Baskets Cupcake Liners

Download Includes:

  • Lattice Basket Cupcake Liner SVG File

  • Lattice Basket Cupcake Liner PDF File

Unicorn Cupcake Liners

Unicorn Cupcake Liner 2
Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper