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Craft Ideas and Tips for Parties, Decor and some just for FUN. This page also acts as a guide to other crafts through out this site broken down by what they are made of instead of Themes.
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Crafty Fun Cuts

Free Fun Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) for your cutting machines AND Free PDF Files for those who don't have one but have a printer and a scissors.

Foam Flower
Curvy Keepsake Box Easter Animals
Mickey Minnie 3D Shadow Box
Craft Ideas and 
Step by Step Instructions for your No Sew Gnomes
Gnome with Grey Coat
White Crystal Gnome
Courting Gnome

Last Updated 8/26/21

Fun Crafts
Dollar Tree Wagon
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Dollar Tree Wagon

This is a really cute easy display or centerpiece. (No it does not roll)  Put kids toys in it or kitchen items or gnomes. I think I'm going to put some apples and maybe a Fake Bake Pie in mine.


Click on first pic for Step by Step Instructions

Storage Ideas
File Folders Store Felt Squares

Hanging File Folders are great for organizing felt and other materials

Modern Farmhouse Storage Cabinet

I rescued the cabinet (it might have been a shoe rack) My sister made me a butcher block top and I painted it with chalkboard paint. I made the boxes from cardboard I duct taped together to get the sizes I wanted. I covered them with burlap on the outside and felt on the inside. Added cheap cabinet knobs I got from Menards. I then stenciled some of them to label what's inside. This replaces the "junk drawer" and is the most used item in my house.

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Pipe Cleaner Flowers
  • Violets
  • Tulips
  • Daffodils
  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Black Eyed Susans
  • Grape Hyacinths
  • Sunflowers
Visit the Pipe Cleaner Flowers Page for
Easy to Follow
Step by Step Instructions with Pictures
for each Type of Flower
Pipe Cleaner Flowers
Wine Bottles
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
Snorkeler Toilet Paper Roll
Create your own Garden
Diamond Painting
Pop Bottle Crafts
Pop Bottle Fun
Pop Bottle Cactus Man
Making Crafts with Burlap is really popular right now. However I am constantly amazed when buying burlap how many clerks do not know how to cut it properly. Burlap has a large weave and will unravel easily. That weave often shifts. So that 1/2 yard you purchased may only have 12" of usable fabric if it is simply measured with the yard stick and cut.
How to Cut Burlap
A lot of times you need the burlap to stand up. I use Mod Podge to stiffen fabric however a Craft or Elmers Glue can be used to. There are lots of different opinions about the ratio between water and glue. I prefer a watery mixture, so the fabric is a little more pliable when it dries. Just keep in mind the more Mod Podge/ Glue you use the Stiffer the fabric will be.
Pop Bottle and Burlap Bunny
Click on Bunny to go to her Page
Measure and Cut Burlap

If you measure burlap with a yardstick and simply cut like regular fabric you will NOT get a square piece.

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To get a squared piece tug on a string from the side at the point you want to cut

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Pull that string completely out of the fabric, leaving a guideline

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Cut along your guideline

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How to Stiffen Burlap
For carrot greens above I used a 30% Mod Podge/70% water mixture. I also added a little bit of green paint cause I wanted my burlap darker
Trash to Treasures
Dinosaur Jar from a Spaghetti Sauce Jar
Spaghetti Sauce Jars
Lighted Dinosaur Jar from a Spaghetti Sauce Jar
Click on Picture to go
to their Page
Coffee Creamer Container Animals
Coffee Creamers can become Fun animals
Click on Picture to go
to their Page
Cat Frosting Container
This cat was made from a Frosting Container
Bored Jar
Bored Popsicle Sticks
Bored Activities Printable Ideas
Bored Jar
Decorate a Glass Jar and place popsicle sticks with "Ideas" on them. Have the kids draw one when they are bored. All Present MUST participate
Swear Jar With a Twist
Swear Jar With a Twist
Swear Jar With a Twist
Swear Jar With a Twist
Swear Jars have been around since I was a kid. (Yes I am OLD) Everyone knows about the concept .. An adult says a bad word in front of a child and they pay. I had the kids draw pictures associated with "No Bad Words" (or in our case No Bad "Woreds") and together we Mod Podged them unto a jar. Not unique concept or even one of our more cleverly  designed crafts. However ...
Here's the Twist
Between Music, TV, Videos and YouTube being everywhere, trying to supervise what kids are exposed to is getting more difficult. So yes the adults pay if they say a bad word BUT if the child is caught watching or listening to something that has bad words in it and they don't change the channel, switch the video etc.  MONEY COMES OUT.