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For now this page is pretty much just clipart. It will gradually have the Crafts, Games, Party Ideas, SVGs etc like the other pages. In the meantime the clipart that is here can be downloaded, simply click on the images. Keep checking back I can hopefully add more soon.


Disney Movies can be found on the Disney Stories Page

Despicable Me Gru Clipart png
Despicable Me Kids Clipart png
Minions Clipart 1 png
Minions Clipart 2 png
Despicable Me Logo png
Minions Logo Clipart png
Despicable Me 3 Printable Activities

Despicable Me 3
Printable Activities
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Minion Tote Bag

Minion Tote Bag
This adorable tote was made from felt. NO Sewing just hot glue. There isn't a pattern so you can make it any size you want. Make it larger and use it as a gift bag or make smaller ones you can use for party favors. Face is mostly circles. Easy, Quick, Inexpensive and Cute.

Ice Age Logo png
Ice Age Clipart 1 png
Ice Age Clipart 2 png
Ice Age Clipart 3 png
Ice Age Clipart 4 png
Kung Fu Panda Logo png
Kung Fu Panda Clipart 1 png
Lego Movie Logo png
Lego Batman Movie Logo png
Lego Batman Clipart png
Madagascar Logo png
Madagascar Clipart 1 png
Madagascar Clipart 2 png
Shrek Logo png
Shrek Clipart 01 png
Sing Logo png
Sing Buster Clipart png
Sing Johnny Clipart png
Sing Rosetta Clipart png
Trolls Poppie Pop Bottle Craft
Trolls Logo png
Trolls Clipart png

Trolls Poppie Pop Bottle Craft
I cut the spout off a 2 liter pop bottle, painted it pink and added some felt features. The hair is netting and I left an open space in back of the netting so you can use her for storage.